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From: Jacquelin Ulm, R.Ph.

Every day I see the same pattern repeat itself, once you start on a prescription for High Blood Pressure, you'll end up taking another 5 prescriptions within 5 years!

Jacquelin Ulm R.Ph.

I'm your average Pharmacist who's been working with patients for over 25 years.  In addition, I come from a family of medical professionals and we spend a lot of time talking about how to improve health care for our patients. It's frustrating when you see patients getting sicker despite having the best medical care in the world.

But one of the biggest problems I've seen over the last few years began this journey.  It seemed to me that every time a patient began taking one prescription for High Blood Pressure, I could easily predict that that same patient would be on 4 to 8 additional prescriptions within 10 years!

It takes a lot of years of medical experience to spot trends like this. Trends that are contrary to the purpose of the medical system. . . or are they?

So I began researching the problem of High Blood Pressure.  Sure enough, there was plenty of medical information available on treatment plans recommended by the government -- based on information provided by the drug companies.  

But patients like you aren't getting well...as a matter of fact, you are getting sicker every day.  Every patient that starts on high blood pressure medication will "develop" other health problems like diabetes, high cholesterol, heart, and kidney problems within a few years.  Doctors are then forced to prescribe more and more medication to control the High Blood Pressures. 

After a few months of research, it dawned on me that while there is a definate plan to treat High Blood Pressure, there isn't a plan to wean patients off of medication when the blood pressure drops down to normal levels!

What does that mean for you?  More doctor's visits, more tests and more medications. Pretty soon you're stuck on the medical merry-go-round and you can't get off!

Now, don't get me wrong.  Prescription medicines will definately lower your blood pressure and keep it down for a period of time.  I won't ever recommend that you go off your medicine, only a doctor can do that. But what if there was a better way to cure your High Blood Pressure problem?

I Knew There Had To Be A Better Way!

Obviously the prescription medicines were working for a while.  But what if each person could reverse the trend of high blood pressure.  Reversing high blood pressure would also mean that patients wouldn't need any of the other medicines for cholesterol, diabetes and heart problems.  It would reverse the aging process and restore health!  

So I began to investigate the actual changes in the body that cause high blood pressure. It's rather like the joke about the chicken and the egg . . . which came first?  When digging through the research, some startling information became clear.

The researchers investigated the physiological changes in the blood vessels, in the cells and in the plaque that forms.  Following those clues led to a closer look at the blood vessel walls and the cells that are the building blocks of those walls.  

Know what they're made of?  Cholesterol and phospholipids!  Yes, that's right, cholesterol is a basic building block of each and every cell in your body.  Cholesterol is also the body's band-aid. if you will, that repairs the damaged inner lining of the blood vessel walls.  

One renowned German doctor even goes so far as to say that, in many cases, artery clogging plaque isn't there before a heart attack, only after an attack as the body tries to heal itself!

Of course, everyone now knows that there is good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL).  But did you know that high blood pressure and heart disease has been increasing dramatically since the 1950s?  Did you also know that margarine and hydrogenated oils containing trans-fatty acids became more prominent in the diet of Americans since the 1950s?  

Coincidently, wherever the modern diet has been introduced around the world through the marvels of fast food restaurants, there is a corresponding increase in heart disease and high blood pressure!

Let's get back to the blood vessel problem.  You might want to know that people with varicose veins have the same problem as high blood pressure patients. . . damaged blood vessels!  You might also want to know that damage to the blood vessels can affect your love life!  Really!

I couldn't stay awake to drive my 18-wheel truck because of the side effects of the high blood pressure prescriptions.  I started with some simple changes and my doctor agreed to take away all my prescription medicine, in two months!

John Doe...Long Haul Truck Driver

There Were Huge Obstacles...

Rarely does medicine look to find high blood pressure cures.  Instead, the trend in research is to identify a medicine that blocks or inhibits a mechanism that correlates with high blood pressure. That keeps you buying medicine every month.

Most doctors are kept up to date with research by the drug companies.  And of course, these continuing education trainings are designed to support and educate doctors on the use of each drug companies'  prescription medicines!

Finally, there is the problem of how we've been trained.   Most of our generation has been raised to believe that if you take a little pill, then the problem will be solved. Sort of like expecting a magic, silver bullett to instantly solve a health problem. Wouldn't it be great if it was that easy!

So here's what we've got:

  • Drug Companies only Support Research for Selling Prescriptions

  • Doctors Continuing Medical Education (CME) sponsored by the Drug Companies

  • Patients Looking for an Instant Cure for High Blood Pressure

  • The Standard American Diet (SAD)

But Things Began To Change When...

Kathy, a very young hypertension patient, only 30 years old, suffered a heart attack. Thankfully, it was mild. She had been under the care of a very competent physician for many years.  However, because the standard medical approach hadn't prevented a major catastrophe, Kathy knew she had to do something different with her approach to health care.  Right then and there she begged me for a High Blood Pressure cure.

The search began.  Research from all over the globe is now available through the internet.   Very quickly, we discovered some amazing alternative treatments that actually cured High Blood Presssure.  We combined medical studies that matched actual physical causes of High Blood Pressure with nutritional solutions.

Now, Kathy had a clear plan to follow that would actally repair damaged tissue, permanently, and restore good health.  For every medically documented cause of High Blood Pressure we discovered several simple, easy solutions to repair and restore the body to a healthier state.

The end result?  Her blood pressure came down far enough for her doctor to eliminate several high blood pressure prescriptions from her treatment plan.  As a bonus, her heart and diabetes problems improved so dramatically that the doctor eventually eliminated some of those medicines as well!  

Following these suggestions, my doctor was able to take me off almost all the medication that caused drowsiness, dizziness and other side effects.  My doctor was so impressed!   My husband and I keep adding healthier choices to our lifestyle and stay away from medicine unless it is absolutely necessary.

Kathy W., computer programmer

As things started to change for this patient, I started to recommend the same secrets to other patients with High Blood Pressure, with similar results!

Then I thought, "why not make this information available for everyone that struggles with High Blood Pressure!


"My Pharmacist Says: 
Notes from Behind the Counter 
on High Blood Pressure"!

My Pharmacist Says eBook

Why I Created This eBook...
(And How It Can Help You The Same Way It Helped Others!)

Every day I'm faced with the frustration of patients saying the same things over and over again.  "Why is my prescription cost going up again?"  "Why do I have to keep taking this medicine? " "Why do I have to get more medicine?"  "Why doesn't the first prescription work?" "Why do I feel so tired?" 

Let's face it, you are busier than ever and you don't want to spend your time visiting with your local pharmacist every month (as much fun as that is!).  Of course, it becomes harder to schedule a pharmacy visit between all those doctor's appointments!

Then there's the money.  Month after month, year after year, you spend a small fortune on medicine that barely controls your High Blood Pressure.  By the way, remember that taking some medicines can cause other health problems like diabetes, high cholesterol, heart and kidney disease.  

Well, there are prescriptions for those health problems too!  Which means more of your hard-earned savings eaten up by costly medicines.

Of course, if you are lucky there won't be many side effects when taking prescriptions to treat your High Blood Pressure.  However, if you experience dizziness, drowsiness and fatigue like most people taking these medicines then you're looking for relief

Wouldn't it be great to feel 10 years younger with more energy and vigor than you've had in years!

You can get off the medical merry-go-round!  By taking a few simple tests you will know what steps to take to become healthier.  No more guessing.  No more standard government guidelines to follow.  Just take a few tests to determine what your body needs to repair and restore healthy tissue.  Then follow the recommendations listed in this eBook for the personalized health treatment plan for you, coordinated by your doctor.  

Imagine how you will feel when you can spend more time with family and friends instead of making appointment after appointment for various lab tests and multiple doctor's visits.  

Imagine the energy you'll have without the side effects from medications. Including an improvement in your love life!  

Imagine how you'll look without varicose veins and heart surgery scars.

Just Look At EVERYTHING In This eBook!

Face it. Most information products out there are long on promises, but short on results!

But just look at all of the things you will find in this ebook...

  • How to take an Accurate Blood Pressure to avoid False High Readings and Additional, Unnecessary Prescriptions . . .page 10 

  • Complete Listing of Blood Pressure Medicines and the Side Effects you Don't Want to Experience...page 14 

  • The Truth about Treatment Guidelines for High Blood Pressure and List of Medicines You Don't Want to Be Taking in the Next 5 Years. . .page 24

  • Extensive list of Vitamins and Minerals that will Repair and Restore Healthy Blood Vessels. . .page 27  

  • Get the Right Fats to Avoid Memory Loss, Depression, and Heart Disease . . ..page 39

  • The Medically Approved Diet and Heart Healthy Exercises to strengthen heart and lungs ...page 53

  • The secret to a healthier love life, in spite of the prescription side effects. . . page 57

We like the information that this ebook provides.  It allows us to work closely with our doctor to find solutions, not band-aids.

Mr. and Mrs. D., 80 year old Retirees 

What Can This Information Do For You?

Putting together a product of this magnitude requires a huge commitment, as you might have guessed. But I knew this immediately downloadable eBook would give you the gift of health!

I knew it would also give you...

    Green CheckmarkComprehensive Blood Pressure Treatment Protocols for You and Your  Doctor 

    Green CheckmarkYour Own Personal High Blood PressureTreatment Strategy

    Green CheckmarkRecommended Nutritional Products that Get Results

    Green CheckmarkImprovement in Your Love Life, Without Drugs

And I knew this information would SAVE you in many ways…

  • An incredible amount of time - Get off the medical merry-go-round of  visiting doctor after doctor after doctor and wondering if they ever get together to coordinate treatments and reduce drug side effects and interactions.

  • An incredible amount of money - Save thousands of dollars... what the drug  industry and medical professionals don't want you to know about!

  • An incredible amount of energy - Why stumble around in the dark? Let me give you a step by step plan so you do not waste precious time and energy on things that just don’t work!

Why You Should NOT Buy This eBook…

By now I hope you understand the power of what this information can mean for you and your family. But there are definitely some people who should NOT buy this course...

  • Do not buy this eBook if you're looking for a silver bullet.  
    First, you might want to take some medical tests.  Second, you'll need to add on a few selected nutritional supplements to your treatment plan.  It's a step-by-step solution based on your medical test results. Use all of the tests and recommendations or only some of the ideas.  It's up to you!

  • Do not buy this eBook if you are going to put it on the shelf and not use it!
    I created this course to give people improved health.  Of course if you'd rather keep doing what you're doing with the same results, or take a stab at the latest and greatest cure-all, then this eBook is not for you.  This eBook has a step-by-step plan to get results within 30 days. You've spent a lifetime doing all the things that contribute to these health problems, so you'll need 1 to 9 months to reverse them!

  • Do not buy this eBook if you expect the medical system to solve this problem!
    Yes, current medical strategies will band-aid high blood pressure for a time.  If you're in doubt, ask a neighbor or friend because 1 in 4 people has the same problem you have. Check with those who have been diagnosed for 5 years.  Ask them how many medicines they're taking after 5 years, and discover what will happen to you, too.

100% No Questions Asked
Money Back Guarantee

Order totally risk-free. If you are unhappy with the eBook in any way, please return it with-in 60 days and you will receive a prompt, courteous refund.

No harm done. No hard feelings. And we still part friends.

Why 60 days?

Because I want you to use the information immediately! I want to hold you accountable to really do something this time. No more procrastination. This is information that will change your life!

Two Huge Reasons To Act NOW...

Bonus #1 (Value: $27) - Printable Blood Pressure Chart
Reference Chart for Home Use

A Complete reference of low, normal and high blood pressure ranges.   Also included are age-based tables along with target pulse rates. Immediate download with eBook purchase.

Find out what those Blood Pressure Readings Really Mean!

Free Report

Bonus #2 (Value: $27) - Potassium-Rich Food List
:Listing of over 25 common foods and their potassium content.

Safely increase your levels of potassium by eating the correct amounts of high-potassium containing foods.  Replaces vital potassium  lost from diuretic use.  Immediate download with eBook purchase.

Provides the necessary nourishment for a healthy heart.

Free Report

The Bottom Line...

I have looked all over the Internet and there are really no other immediately downloadable eBooks that contain as much information about High Blood Pressure Cures in one place. There is nothing comparable out there.

If you had to find this information on your own...it would be equal to the cost several years of prescriptions and the cost of a PhD in physiology! Then there's the time spent going from doctor to specialist to doctor to get them to agree on the right treatment for you.

If you had to find this information on your own...it would take years of sifting through medical books and the latest articles. Then there's the time spent waiting for your 10 minutes in the doctor's office listening to elevator music as he maximizes his busy schedule.

If you had to find this information on your own, you would spend years trying out one idea after another, while your High Blood Pressure continues spiralling unchecked.

But you don't have to do that, because I have brought together the best information from the best medical minds to give you a step-by-step action plan to lower your high blood pressure.  All in an easy-to-follow list which is based on tests that tell you what your body needs to get healthier.

So, I want to make this information affordable. Because it represents a way to freedom. It represents a way that you can take more control over your High Blood Pressure.

So, we are offering a rather outrageous
offer...the entire package for only $37.


And Now…The Rest of the Story!

So now you have heard my story…but not the last part.

Many patients, like you, have used this powerful information to transform their lives.

If you really want to.

This  will tell you about several people, just like you, that have followed the recommendations and found the High Blood Pressure Cure for their needs.

I would like to help you too.

I want you to experience a cure for your High Blood Pressure problem.

So here is what you need to do...

You need to take out your credit card and click on the order button below to reserve your eBook. Go ahead, click on the order button below and I will see you on the other side…


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